Palma 4 Day sailing Itinerary

4 days yacht charter from Palma, Mallorca, Spain to Andraitx, Mallorca, Spain

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Palma is a great destination for a short sail on a long weekend. It's easy to get to from virtually anywhere in Europe, and offers everything you could wish for, including peace and quiet away from the masses of tourists. Here's a recommended 4 day Itinerary covering Palms, Illetes Bay, Portals Nous and Andraitx.

Palma CathedralDay 1: Palma

Pick up the boat late afternoon and go for a test sail

Day 2: Illetes Bay

Sail to Illetes Bay. Illetes has two coves with pine trees touching the shore, making it perhaps the nicest anchorage that is close to Palma.

Day 3: Portals Nous

Continue on to Portals Nous. Portals Nous offers a nice and peaceful beach with clear waters, and lots of protection from swell. It is one of the nicer destinations if you want a small quiet beach. It is a short walk from the Puerto Portals Yacht Club where one can find plenty of restaurants, bars and shopping.

Day 4: Andratx

Spend your final day in Andratx. Andratx is a large village, full of charm, and offers a little fishing port in a small and narrow bay from which you can reach the Cabo de Sa Mola lighthouse and see the beautiful cliffs sharply falling into the sea. The port has some excellent restaurants which, as befits an old fishing town, offer a great selection of fresh fish from the Mediterranean.

You will have an excellet view of the island of La Dragonera from the village of Sant Elm and the adverturous can climb up to the ruins of the Sa Trappa monestary, 400m above sea level, from where you will get a wonderful view down to the cliffs below.

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Yacht Charter from Palma, Mallorca, Spain to Andraitx, Mallorca, Spain

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