7 Day Itinerary from Split Croatia

Superb cruising in the Southern Dalmations! Note: The following itinerary covers a large area of the Southern Dalmatian cruising ground, and includes a few longer passages. Some legs may be weather dependant.

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Kastela – Milna

Brac is one of the more mountainous islands along the Dalmatian coast with the highest peak on the Adriatic. Your first stop in Milna is just under two hours sailing from Split and a popular choice with yachties. There are two choices of mooring, either on anchor in bays around Milna and Bobovisce or in the ACI marina within the town itself.

This small town has a good shop and a few restaurants. Milna cathedral is also worth a visit the following morning a short walk away from the town.

Milna – Vis

The end destination is the Island of Vis where you will be spending the next two nights. Its is full of unusual beaches and caves, while offering some of the best taverns and restaurants in the Dalmatian region.

Vis was once a Roman outpost called Issa and was one of the first Roman settlements in these parts. This small city has numerous examples of Roman architecture, a traditional food market with great seafood.

Your stop for the night is the town of Vis, where I would suggest an early evening stroll around town, followed by a welcome meal in a selection of three fine restaurants, each with its own character and points of difference, depending on your mood. 


Walk around the Roman ruins of Vis town, an old Roman naval outpost. 

Recommended restaurants: 

“Vila Kaliopa”, Vis Town

Set in a beautiful abandoned Roman villa courtyard, this restaurant definitely has the right atmosphere and setting to be a memorable visit. The food is very good, although I have to say that in Vis you are spoiled for choice.

Phone: +385 21 711 755 

“Pojoda” Vis town on Vis Island 

Owner Zoran Brajcic is one of the most inventive chef’s on the Adriatic and creates two to three new recipes every year. Look out for his “Gof” in wine sauce as well as his unique grill techniques. Also runs a cooking school for men only.

Phone: +385 21 711575 

“Stoncica” Stoncica bay on Vis Island 

Set in the picturesque Stoncica bay next to a wonderful sandy beach, this family run tavern makes its own wine, olive oil, fruit and vegetables, all used in the preparation of its meals. They also have their own goat farm and cook some of the best lamb around.  

“Val” in Kut,

Run by Luce Knego, near the Pojoda, has outdoor seating near the waterfront, and is probably the best meal I’ve had recently in this area. Ideal for a late lunch. 

“Vatrica” or “the Little fire tavern

A cosy no nonsense tavern with simple but tasty local dishes and great value as well. 

“Breakfast at Tihana’s”

In Vis town, around a 5-7 minute walk from Kut, set in the ground floor of the first hotel on Vis, stylish décor, great service, and popular with some of the well heeled yachties visiting Vis.


Vis - Komiza

Komiza, Vis, CroatiaThe southern side of Vis island offers a great deal of choice when choosing a spot to stop for a swim. Each of the bays listed are an unusual combination of rock and slate formations and pebble beaches, specific to this area, and are generally out of the way of the majority of tourist visitors.

Recommended:  Stoncica, Mala Travna, Stiniva Bay and Srebrena Bay

Alternatively, if you wish to relax for the rest of the day where I would suggest mooring in Ribarska Bay, just outside town and dining in the “Bako” restaurant right by the seafront, or the very Popular “Jastozera” Lobsterie restaurant in Komiza. 


The Blue and Green Cave

Both are a must see when in this part of the Adriatic. The Green is also an unusual natural anomaly which is well worth a visit while sailing the Southern part of Vis. 

Recommended Restaurants 

“Bako” - 00 385 21 713 742

“Jastozera” – “The Lobsterie” – 00 385 21 713859 or 713860  

Komiza – Zaklopatica or Skrivena luka

From Komiza, you are in for a longer stretch of sailing to the more remote island of Lastovo and an opportunity to buy some prized Scorpion fish “Skrpina” and have it prepared in the sheltered Zaklopatica bay on Lastovo which is our final destination.

The restaurant in Zaklopatica bay also has private mooring and provides water for its guests. I would also recommend trying the lobster here as the Lastovians are particularly well known for their lobster and Skrpina fish and have their own grilling methods which really make a difference. Depending on how well you are progressing it might be worth going the extra mile to Skrivena Luka.

Skrivena Luka (“The Hidden port”) used to be a pirate hideaway in past times, as the mouth of the bay is almost unnoticeable when sailing along the coast of Lastovo.

This also means that the bay provides exceptional shelter for yachts and still waters.

Although Lastovo is one of the more remote islands in the area. Skrivena Luka can get popular during the peak season. Recommended mooring, especially as the bottom of the bay hides a great restaurant, which is also a great place to buy fresh, live lobster, and the owner is a master of grilling the Skrpina the Lastovian way.


Sail to the pirate hideaway of the Hidden Harbour, Skrivena Luka.

Enjoy fresh lobster and grilled seafood with a twist in either Zaklopatica or Skrivena Luka.

Recommended restaurants:

“Triton” Zaklopatica bay – 00 385 20 801 167

Its patron is a wealth of knowledge of both the island and marine life, and serves up some creative yet traditional dishes. Loot out for the capers and the cuttlefish risotto. The restaurant has mooring available with water and electricity supplies for its guests.

The restaurant in Skrivena Luka, a must visit for lobster and the excellent scorpion fish.

Lastovo – Korcula Town

In the morning a visit to the hilltop town of Lastovo is a possible recommendation before setting off to Korcula. Depending on the progress you are making you might consider anchoring in the Lumbarda area outside Korcula for a swimstop, or alternatively try stop around the lagoon like are of the Saplun area near Lastovo.

Korcula town is akin to a slower paced Hvar, and is often called the mini Dubrovnik, a charming old town with bags of history, birthplace of Marco Polo, and with many festival traditions throughout the summer.

In as far as restaurants, I would recommend “Marinero” “Adio Mare” or “Mate” for dinner and possibly the rooftop terrace cocktail bar in the turret of one of the bell towers of Korcula.

Vela Luka – Hvar, Palmizana

From Korcula it is around a 4 hour sail to Hvar town, the largest town on the island and the cultural centre of the area. An early afternoon arrival is most likely to ensure mooring in the town itself either on the town pier or on anchor within the bay of Hvar. I would definitely recommend spending the afternoon/evening strolling around and possible going for a walk to the Fort at the top of the hill, which offers great views of the town and the surrounding hills in the evening.

Alternatively, if you would like to get away from the crowds I would recommend mooring in Palmizana marina on Hell’s islands, just opposite from Hvar town, where you will find a number of interesting bays for swimming and snorkelling as well as a few good restaurants as well.

You can then decide to do a bit of sightseeing around Hvar the morning after. You can also break up your sail to Palmizana by stopping in one of the bays around Scedro Island, where I would recommend mooring in Zavala bay to collect some wine from the “Plenkovic” vineyard.

Recommended restaurants

“Meneghello” Palmizana, St. Klement, Hells Islands

Owned by Dagmar Meneghello, this tavern, is only a 10 minute walk from Palmizana marina and is also an art gallery supporting local artists. One of the more funky places in this part of the world, dinner here promises a fun evening and is very popular with the yachting community.

Phone +385 21 717 270

“Paladini Palace” – near the main piazza, set amongst an orange tree garden, this place has a great grill menu, and is a great setting for a late lunch or early dinner.

“Tonci” Vlaka bay, Hell’s Islands

All the fish served her is caught by the landlord and he particularly proud of his ‘trlje’ (whitebait) and his potatoes (which along with all the other vegetables served here is grown on their own land)

Hvar – Kastela Marina

After a leisurely start in Palmizana you have time to go into Hvar for more sightseeing and sail back to Kastela marina in plenty of time.

Final refuelling is possible either in Milna marina or on the N side of Solta in Rogac.

Upon your arrival in Kastela marina you have the option of getting the marina staff to organise a transfer to Trogir for the evening where I would recommend exploring the seafront and having dinner before heading back for your last night on the yacht.

Recommended Restaurant

“Celica” is a recommended restaurant in Trogir, run by the Cvetko family, this restaurant is aboard an old wooden sailboat moored in Trogir Harbour. The owner is a legend of the underwater spear fishing world, and him and his son still fish in the area and provide the restaurant with their catch of the day. Definitely worth trying their “Brudet” (Fish stew)

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