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We at realised that it was virtually impossible to provide up-to-the-minute itineraries to all of our clients world wide. The world is constantly changing, and a secluded cove one year can become a noisy, trashy party zone the next. We also know that there are thousands of experts out there - who are up to date on all of the best sailing and motor destinations, and are willing to share these ideas. That's where the idea of grew from - use the power of the internet to create the best possible source of itineraries, worldwide - and make it free to everyone!

Please take a few minutes to submit your favorite itineraries, or just a comment about a great mooring spot. It's all helpful, and you'll be assisting countless people trying to plan thier perfect holiday. We'll even pay you to help! Simply click here and start typing!!

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Some of our favorites! Solomons - Chesapeake Bay, Nassau, Exuma and Eleuthera, Bahamas Itinerary Corsica North to South on the West Coast